Thoughts regarding insurance and general adult things

Being an adult is hard or so they say.

I have spent 21 of the 22 years I have been alive under my parents health, optical, and car insurance. As a recent college graduate, a “Marketing Professional”, and a newly wed, I have since been given the parental boot from the shelter that was a cozy insurance plan.

On my own now I have currently found shelter in my workplace’s insurance…nice enough, and State Farm has added a new neighbor to their ever-growing development of coverage for car insurance. My insurance experience for the most part has been acceptable with no complaints.

Something that has crossed my mind as far as insurance goes is auto repair insurance. I have never heard of such a thing until I went digging for it after an unexpected run-in with a mechanic. Apparently such services exist, and I would imagine are making a killing. If not…mental note to start an auto repair insurance company.

I wonder what it would take to start an insurance company from the ground up…Like did insurance industry start as a scam by one guy in Arizona being like, “hey I’m gonna charge people for flood insurance and see how much money I can make,” and then when a flood actually came he’s like, “oh crap I gotta pay for these people’s damages…never thought of that.” Regardless, my State Farm agent has been a good neighbor.

General adulthood has been well received in most avenues currently. Without having to mow my lawn or fix appliances, living in an apartment is the best. They say adulthood is hard and not fun, but I’m having the time of my life. Life is as busy or as docile as you make it and my life is just the right amount of lazy.

Next venture. Buying a dog. Comment on a good breed suitable for apartment life…oh wait I have no readers.


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