A reasonable life goal

College is a very interesting place. You pay for knowledge and the ability to meet reputable people and then get recognized in the real world as someone more qualified for a job than a non-degree holding person. I’ve realized in college that many professors and advisers ask about your goals in life, and they’re not the only ones interested. Job interviewers ask all the time where you see yourself in 5 years and what your biggest goals are in a career.

In college I would always say something along the lines of wanting to be well known in an organization because of innovation that I implemented. I believed success was directly linked to how others perceived me. So, I would seek the assignments and do the things that would bring me the most recognition. My goal at that time was recognition. Not only is the pursuit of acceptance strenuous, but for me it also meant living a life of someone that I was not, and only to please people.

I think I can safely say that as of right now I can pinpoint my ultimate goal in life:

  • Amidst the turmoils of life, my goal is to be a happy, positive, and encouraging individual that spreads that encouragement to everyone I come in contact with.

I seek to accomplish this goal by surrounding myself with the people I care about most, because at the end of the day (and even my life) I’m not going to remember how much money I helped my company make. I’m not going to be thinking of my bank account. I won’t even remember my investments.

True and meaningful relationships are the only thing in my life where I find complete and lasting value. Jobs come and go and so does income, but a true and lasting relationship with the people you love is worth more than gold. With the goal of fostering relationships I care about as my number one priority, it takes a high level of commitment.

If the only legacy I leave behind for my family is that of a caring and genuine man that went above and beyond for his loved ones, that would ok by me.


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