Gym observations

Gyms. Quite the interesting place in this tamed world. You pay an establishment to lift weights or use equipment that you don’t own so you can get in shape or on the harsh side (CrossFit) literally slowly kill yourself. Instead of running or biking to an actual destination you walk into a building and run on a revolving rubber mat and stare at the wall or if you’re lucky a TV screen. Yeah humans like gyms for some reason.

Here are several things I’ve observed in my years attending various gyms.

  • It’s always harder to work out with a buddy that isn’t on your workout plan.

It really is true. I’ve worked out with my best bud, Davey Fox, and I swear it’s so hard to do things together. His body type requires little cardio and lotsss of weight training (believe me, he needs it). Whereas my body type needs minimal weight training and lotsss of cardio (believe me, I need it). So we’re never at a particular station together very often.

  • There are two types of people: the chatty and the concentrated.

My father and I are polar opposites at the gym: He makes friends and talks to everyone at the gym while I pleasantly nod a “hello.” Now being too chatty can be annoying for other people trying to get their pump on, but not talking at all can be misconstrued as conceited, antisocial, and nasty. The majority of quiet people are just trying to stay focused.

  • There are two types of old people at the gym: the casual exerciser who’s enjoying retirement and the “I still have to go to work at 67, I’m mad about it, and this is my only vent for it. Now get out of my way!” old person.

The first one is pleasant, talkative, and typically wears stiff jeans and a baggy cotton T-shirt while the second is…well self explanatory.

  • Don’t ever take pre-workout formula too early.

Timing is everything with that stuff. If you take it too late it’s not a big deal, but if you take it too early you’ll bust every vein in your body and possibly get your road rage on whilst driving to the gym. If you take it at the right time though you’ll be superman for sure.

  • Don’t kid yourself by thinking that taking protein shakes exclusively will bulk you up.

No. No. It’ll make you fat.

  • There’s always that one guy in a group that isn’t on the same lifting level as the others and yet continues to strain himself with the weights and exhibit bad form because of peer pressure to be strong.

Sad but true. No further comments.

  • There’s always that one person who sits on the equipment, texts, and doesn’t workout.

Your gym etiquette is bad and you should feel bad.


Hope you enjoyed my keen (or not so much) observations of the gym life.

Simpson out!



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