Hobbies worth hobbing

First thing’s first. Happy New Year. I hope the “new year new you” thing is working out. If it’s not…you’re not the only one, so don’t beat yourself up. I mean it’s only a year…but wait a leap year at that. Huh, how about that. I feel bad for the bloke who has his cake day on the 29th of February. You know there’s some creepy 68 year old man out there claiming to be 17 whilst hitting on every girl in the club. What a guy… anyway all that to say happy New Year.

Hobbies. Giving men and women purpose in life since practically the beginning of time. Considering you believe in Adam and Eve (which I do), I wonder what they did for a hobby when the world was…you know shiny, new, and perfect. Maybe dinosaur racing was a thing. Or…wait for it. Dinosaur wrestling. Much wow so savage. Maybe that explains extinction.

It’s funny how hobbies change for people throughout the years. In junior high and high school I played airsoft a lot. I might still be playing it if it weren’t for my lack of funds at the time. All of my friends upgraded their pellet guns which increased the pain I experience, and I was stuck with a lame one that didn’t hurt them at all. So…no more airsoft due to the fore mentioned lack of funds and also pain.

Legos played a huge role in my formative years. I still have bins and bins of them in my parent’s attic. Note to self: pick up Legos from parents attic before younger brother takes them. I still very much enjoy building with Lego.

Throughout college I had longboarding, pottery, and disc golfing as hobbies. All of them very solid activities, each one minus pottery was especially fun to do in large groups. Now there are no hills for boarding, no wheels for throwing pottery, and only one half-way decent disc golf course. So, I lost my college hobbies.

The search for a suitable hobby started a few weeks back after Netflix ceased to give me meaning in life. My wife has not yet lost the love of a solid binge on Netflix and that’s fine, but it was getting old for me. Much to my wife’s dismay I have become a gamer. I must add that I am a very functional and passive gamer. I still go to work and carry about my normal duties, but I enjoy a stretch on the old PC now and then. I bought my wife coloring books and colored pencils for Christmas. I do find coloring to be melancholy and relaxing.

However, the newest addition to the quiver that is my hobby list is wood carving and whittling! I would say that I’m attempting it because I have yet to purchase any knives worthy of the whittling or blocks of wood for carving, however, the activity is intriguing. I made spears out of sticks and such as a kid, and that was plenty fun, but I’m excited to get into detailed carving. Hopefully within the next day or two I’d like to stop by Hobby Lobby and pick up some carving wood and possibly a carving knife. I’ve heard the best first project to whittle is an egg, because it teaches you to cut with and against the grain of the wood, and it helps hone skills for carvings a curved object. From what I understand you need a good bit of gear to get started: special made whittling knives (curved blades and straight), sharpening stone and mineral oil, finger guards as not to hack up your digits, and decent wood for carving. All in all though I’m pretty excited to start carving away at my new hobby.

I’ll keep you updated, because I know how much you deeply care, and in the mean time I thank you in advance for your anticipated enthusiasm.


3 thoughts on “Hobbies worth hobbing

    1. Very nice! I like hobbies that you can take with you. Longboarding, fishing, and whittling would be good for that, but I also like the ability to do it at home!


  1. Funny you mention hobbies; I decided to start putting all my pictures and memorabilia in albums. I literally just got home from Michael’s where I was buying supplies! 🙂


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